Wayne Franklin Talks Dream Homes

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wayne franklin

Describe your dream home.  What are its most defining features, and why?

I typically prefer traditional architecture.  As much as modern architecture has its merits and is attractive and is a blank slate for décor, I find that the traditional architectural stylings of the old days touches me in some way.  This is true in Mexico, Europe or any other country that I have visited.  I like the heritage of the culture that is demonstrated in their older architectural stylings.  While today we have modern conveniences that address certain issues to make our lives more comfortable, in historic times those conveniences and machinery didn’t exist.  For example, in Mexico, cupulas are considered lovely architectural decorator items now where in the past they were designed specifically to allow the heat from a room to rise and be extracted through open windows around the cornice.

What is the hardest part in finding a dream home for others?

Often times the client isn’t even clear what their home will look like.  And sometimes they will say they want a particular style or even that they don’t want a particular style, and that ends up being what they buy.  When a client is unclear initially on what they want, it makes it more difficult to find them a suitable home.  That said, the process of elimination is an interesting process to watch and assist the client through in helping them ultimately get exactly what they want, even if they didn’t know it themselves from the outset.

What do you do to ensure your clients find their dream home?

I try as much as possible to get into the head and look through the eyes of the buyer.  That takes practice and probing questions.  Understanding how the client lives, works and plays, how and whom they entertain, how often, do they have family and does that family visit frequently, what are their hobbies and interests … all of that plays into learning more of the client, which allows me to think like they might think.  At least getting as close to that as possible very much assists me in determining exactly what properties I should be showing the client and why.  Showing property is not about houses, it’s about knowing how your client lives.  Once you know that, it’s almost as if you’re shopping for yourself and you ultimately find exactly what the client falls in love with.

To learn more about Wayne Franklin, visit his Haute Residence profile and website.

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