Watch: “Designing The Future” Celebrity Design Webinar By Haute Residence With Cortney And Robert Novogratz

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Robert and Cortney Novogratz

Haute Residence hosted its “Designing The Future” webinar, featuring acclaimed designers Cortney and Robert Novogratz, to discuss their creative process and body of work, recent collaboration with Sarah Jessica Parker, influence taken from the geographical locations they’ve visited or which exist around them, and to offer exclusive tips on bringing space, light, and most importantly, life and family into the home.

They were hosted by Haute Living Editor-in-Chief, Laura Schreffler. Watch the full webinar here.

Highlight quotes:

Cortney Novogratz: 

“It’s been a strange year we've all had, it's shown us that we can really go anywhere and even if we’re just there for a brief moment, we can set up a shop and bring our homes and love of houses all over. This is so important, now more than ever. People's homes are their sanctuaries, and their offices too. Everything revolves around our house, especially at this moment.” 

“Show the house as people really live in it, so you know, a bench, a hook with actual coats, the backpacks or a basketball. There's ways to make it feel lived in so that people can really visualize their own family moving, but still making it stylish and really beautiful. Plants are really important, they help to bring life into the house.”

“If you come to us, it's about function and about beauty. Every place we've designed has been created with our family in mind. But we also want to keep falling in love, over and over, and so designs need to reflect that. They need to be sexy; all of those kinds of things are so important.” 


Robert Novogratz:

“When I think about designing, I always reference the restaurant Balthazar in New York City, because, there's probably better restaurants, there's probably better food, but when you walk into that restaurant with your girlfriend, your children, your grandmother, whoever it is, you feel like you’re more in Paris than in New York. It is an atmosphere. That's why with this pandemic, where all of these restaurants are closing down, Balthazar is one who survives. And it will always be around, because of its energy. And that's how a hotel and a home should be designed. When you walk into a home you want to feel happy, relaxed, and warm, and that is achieved through all the little touches.”


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