Tim Fenton and Blue Zone Realty International Are Not Just Real Estate Professionals

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As the president and broker at Blue Zone Realty International, Tim Fenton has built a global real estate company founded on professionalism, global relationships, a matrix of referral partners, and responsible real estate practices.

Blue Zone Realty International, a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, is a full-service, boutique real estate agency, located in Costa Rica. The award-winning firm offers professional real estate services, custom-tailored to each of their discerning clients. Their concierge-style service ensures that each property seeker is presented with the options that best fit their needs and lifestyle.

Representation matters, and Tim Fenton and Blue Zone Realty International have strived to set new standards in the communities in which they serve.

Here, Tim talks with Haute Residence about his real estate career and how his success is really his team's.

Dominical, Costa Rica - $1,350,000 USD

Why did you choose Real Estate?

I chose real estate at a very early age. When I was 18 and still in school, I received my real estate license as I had learned that real estate was the safest and often most profitable investment over the long term. I wanted to make sure that I positioned myself early enough to take full advantage of the industry. Most of my adult life, for the past 35 years, has been focused on real estate in various ways. From being a vice president for the largest private property owner in Ontario Canada to my legal consulting practice, I have always received a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I am contributing to the long-term success of all of my clients.

How did you get to where you are today?

Some people feel that what we do in the real estate industry is 'easy,' but nothing could be further from the truth. I founded Blue Zone Realty International in 2012, and our company has grown into one of the most successful real estate brokerages in the country. We have won numerous awards including Best Real Estate Agency in Costa Rica which has been bestowed upon us by International Property Awards for 5 consecutive years; Top Luxury Broker for the past 3 consecutive years from Luxury Lifestyle Awards; Top 100 Real Estate Companies; and so many more. Blue Zone Realty International has been blessed with global recognition for the positive environment that we have created for our team and the proven success that we have created for our clients.

The formula to success is to be a servant leader and to equip and inspire your team to achieve their ultimate level of success, all while leading from the front. This means that I expect more from myself than I do from those who work for me. I manage my day in minutes not hours, I continuously take every advantage to learn new skills and to stay current with market trends, and I LOVE WHAT I DO. Passion is key to any successful businessperson. I also strive to expand my sphere of influence daily. Our membership in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Haute Residence, and the Latin American Quality Institute are important tools to increase our global reach, while our community outreach and philanthropy projects help to secure our local positioning.

What is one of your favorite client stories?

I have had so many amazing clients over the years, and therefore so many great stories. I think that one of the most recent stories was the sale of Castillo Del Sol. This ocean-view estate has a celebrity history and boasts 3 pools, a private helipad, and a music room with a beautiful grand piano. It even has a custom pool table.

Castillo Del Sol - $2,900,000 USD/SOLD

Photo Credit: Jet Propelled

I was showing hotel properties to two ladies from the United States when it occurred to me that Castillo Del Sol might be a better option for them. The drive to the property was fairly silent, the AC in the car was too cold, and although I had spent several hours with these clients, it was very difficult to figure out exactly what they were looking for.

From the moment we arrived at Castillo Del Sol, their demeanor changed. The freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee that I had prepared in advance with fresh local snacks was laid out at the top swim-up pool and bar, and there were toucans in the trees. The waterfall from the upper pool to the middle pool set the perfect ambiance, and the flow that continued to the lowest pool with a beach-style entry was sparkling clean and inviting. After a 20-minute tour (which was extraordinarily fast for this 10,000 sqft mansion) the ladies who were generally 'cool' during the earlier part of the day looked me in the eyes and said "Ok, we will take it. What comes next?"

As we left the main home and were prepared to get back into my car, I received a very warm hug. The drive back down from the estate was anything but quiet, as the women openly shared their vision for the estate and we instantly became closely connected. Not only did they buy the property above the asking price, but I have also been fortunate enough to stay in touch with them since the successful closing, and I am certain that the friendship will last for eternity.

What is your biggest success story to date?

MY biggest success story to date is actually MY TEAM'S biggest success story. After going through the uncertainty of Covid, our team was able to achieve remarkable accomplishments in 2021 and 2022. Sales in 2021 were 5 times greater than any previous year, and 2022 finished about 18% above 2021. Being able to endure the uncertainties that are outside of our control, and to react swiftly and professionally to change has made our team extremely efficient and remarkably successful.

Uvita, Costa Rica

Photo Credit: Jet Propelled, Brad Dean

What makes your market unique?

The market in Costa Rica is very unique. We do not operate in a typical residential market, where people might move across town or to a neighboring state. Our clients are buying a vacation home in a foreign country, or relocating here from another country. This means that we have to be able to provide services that are above and beyond just selling or buying a home. We also operate in a market where traditional mortgages are not available to non-citizens, so all of our transactions are in cash. We are not just real estate professionals, we are relocation and investment experts.


For more information please contact Blue Zone Realty International at (506) 8446-0275 or tim@bluezonerealty.com

Blue Zone Realty International is one of the exclusive agencies representing the Costa Rica real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of their listings here.

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