The Plaza Anthénée Is A Testament To Detail Rich Design

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Along a tree-lined boulevard, the avenue Montaigne, French luxury is never more in vogue. From design in fashion to the architecture of the white, stone buildings that line the street, French style is always perfectly poised for any home.

While residential properties for luxury buyers are always considerably crafted to one’s individual tastes, the true bearer of artistic design can be found in the world’s greatest hotels. From Nicola Tesla to F. Scott Fitzgerald, the regal design and living quarters for hotels have become the best homes to some of the world’s greatest thinkers and artists. It should come as no surprise that the design used in these places still serve as the best possible template to bring into one’s home.

At The Plaza Anthénée, luxury is on full display. This Parisian retreat has become one of the most iconic hotels in the world. To just look at the hotel from the street brings excitement to the eyes with a belle époque aesthetic that immediately makes the hotel seem more like a palace that a stopping point for travelers. Inside the suites of the hotel, furniture is all matched to the same regal design. The hotel does an incredible job at bringing together unique furniture that is crafted down to every last detail with intricate design work. From the furniture used to the overall aesthetic, the hotel is a perfect example of keeping a theme current in every room. No minimalist or overly modern edges are featured in rooms at The Plaza Anthénée, rather every pieces in the room is ornate and unique. For all those designing new homes, this hotel’s use of detail can be a perfect conduit to proper style.

The exterior of the hotel also offers a unique example of design and landscaping for new homeowners. The intricate detail on the façade is matched perfectly by the rows of fresh flowers outside each window. The ruby red flowers give a perfect accent to the grey, stone building. With a level of luxury both inside and out that can’t be matched, this hotel is surely one for every new designer and homeowner’s inspiration board.

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