The High Tech Secret Behind the Homes of Silicon Valley’s Masterminds

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In Silicon Valley, the homes of the world's leading tech entrepreneurs are full of technology. Every gadget, from music to televisions and even thermostats awaits commands. While the more basic home tech has trickled down to the masses, the homes of the wealthy also feature cutting-edge technology for motorized shades, pool equipment, security systems, surveillance cameras, and a variety of custom setups. When you're the mastermind of one of the world's leading tech companies, the world is the limit - so what do you look for in your home technology?

It turns out many of the applications for their homes are similar to the technologies these geniuses develop at their own companies, in that prioritize ease-of-use, simplicity, and elegance. This inevitably poses a challenge, because existing home technology and controls systems aren't working in sync, but rather are scattered throughout the home.  Say you want music in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and next to the pool, but do you really need four or more audio systems? Coordinating the temperature or shades in each room throughout the house is equally as difficult. In the same way you want your smartphone to do everything in order to avoid carrying around a dozen or more devices, you would want your home technology to be equally as streamlined. Tech entrepreneurs have increasingly turned to a buzzed-about new company called Engineered Environments, a bay area firm that integrates any range of technologies and makes them accessible via iPad or iPhone.

Randy Stearns, the president of Engineered Environments, confided that “top executives from Google, Facebook, Zynga, Adobe, Twitter, Salesforce, Apple, and a large variety of tech startups come to us asking for better solutions. Solutions that make them feel like they are living in a 21st century home. Some are small or simple automation systems or A/V distribution, but some are more complex custom solutions. For example, we had one client who was particularly interested in astronomy and wanted to view a live feed from his observatory in his living room, and we did it.”

Though the cost of these systems is highly variable depending on the size and complexity of the project, solutions can range from $2k-$150k, while a complete construction will range from $150k to $3 million+. As Bay area residents have discovered, the possibilities are endless. Residents are able to pull up a live video feed of their entryway to see who is at the door, or to hit a single button to extinguish all the lights and media in their home as they go to bed. Truly, Engineered Environments are bringing technology to a new level.

Haute Readers can receive a free consultation and system assessment. Visit Engineered Environments' website for more information or call 510-521-7500.

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