The First Apartment Book Offers Interior Design Tips

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Famed interior designer Kyle Schuneman and Heather Summerville have come together to write a book on personalizing the first apartment, one’s first living space as an independent adult.

Because the task can be daunting and expensive, twenty-seven year-old Schuneman shows how people with no interior design expertise and next-to-no-budget can make a plain apartment open, warm, inviting and personalized.

The First Apartment Book contains photos of ten real apartments that have received the Schuneman treatment and reflect trendy design, comfort, and organization.  Practical suggestions by the designer include:

  • Making studio apartments multifunctional
  • Sectioning lofts into various areas
  • Individualizing modular apartments
  • Sharing spaces with people who have different decorating styles
  • Storing and hiding unaesthetic features
  • Displaying collectables
  • Managing difficult landlords

Solutions offered by the designer also include making an apartment or small living space appear much larger, and Schuneman also encourages one’s individual taste to shine through.  The designer claims this can be done by taking note of one’s location, surroundings, and hobbies and incorporating them into the decoration.

With thirty DIY projects that can be done on a shoestring and don’t require an engineering degree, even a student on a microscopic budget will be able to turn a mediocre, cramped apartment into a comfortable and visually appealing living space.

The great photos and easy-to-follow instructions will be a perfect gift for a friend or loved one who will be moving into their own place for the first time and need a little help to make the dwelling feel like a stylish, organized home.

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