The Art of Elegant Living: Optimizing Your Living Room Space

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The art of elegant living is, just that, an art. And elegance is found in a variety of places — the arc of a geometric shape, a sleeping dog, a ballerina’s pirouette, poetic prose. And, hopefully, it's also found in your living room space; and if so, you'll want to optimize it.

Elegant living has nothing to do with over-the-top luxury or designer brands. It’s more of a subtle quality that does not have its own price tag; yet it’s something we all surely desire to have in our living rooms. So, let’s explore some living room spaces and find out what it actually means to have elegance in your home.

Elegant Living: The "Less Is More" Approach

Elegance and minimalism go hand in hand. While true minimalism is ruminative and structured, and relies on disciplined scarcity for effect, elegance is also restrained, yet offers a bit more softness.

This living room oozes elegance. While minimally furnished, it’s also calm and inviting, coupled with a warmth that exudes effortlessly, due to the neutral colors and textures.

There is nothing like mastering a well-designed living room; it sets the tone for the rest of your home’s vibe. It’s also one of the best places to showcase your design aesthetic. By coordinating your color palettes and utilizing layers of texture, you'll be able to make your living room comfortable, cozy, and chic.

Elegant Living Is Timeless

Trends come and go. Elegance does not. The essence of elegance is this: It’s a state of mind, not a superficial style switch to be flicked on and off. It emerges easily when nature's beauty is incorporated into a home design.

As demonstrated by this elegant room, the stillness and serenity of the greenery contribute to this living room's vibe, and ultimately keep the space timeless.

Sensational views enhance this living room space, and serve to create the most elegant living.

Pure elegance.

Elegant Living: It's In The Details

Design is definitely in the details, and elegance knows the importance of details. Paying attention to the positioning of the so-called "little things" perfectly pulls a living room together.



All images courtesy of Sotheby's International Realty and Christie's International Real Estate

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