Take A Luxury Tour of Australia’s Finest Boroughs

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Sydney is made up of a variety of suburbs, boroughs, and contiguous regions. And Sydneysiders know where the finest boroughs are in Sydney to live, laugh and luxurize.

So, scroll below and use this information as a guide to move around Sydney and to indulge in the best experiences that Sydney has to offer. Come to know the reasons as to why Sydney is considered by many to be the most beautiful, exciting city in the world. Even the Duke and Duchess of Sussex think it's one of the best places to experience in the world.

World-Class Beaches

Australia's Finest Borough

Much of Sydney's coastlines are unchanged and the beaches are the most inviting. The beach at Manly is the go-to beach if you want to observe the surfers, a vast colony of them, tackling the waves. It's like starring in a real-life Baywatch episode.

And what's Sydney's and the world’s most famous beach? The name is Bondi. Bondi Beach. You won't be disappointed.

Spectacular Vineyards

Australia's Finest Borough

There are the most inviting vineyards on Sydney's doorstep. Drive only two hours north of Sydney, and you’ll find the Hunter Valley, Australia's oldest wine region, which is producing non-stop new and innovative winemakers. Hail to the winemakers!

The World’s Most Famous Opera House

Australia's Finest Borough

Inside Sydney’s opera house is awe-inspiring. The cathedral-like interior is just as dramatic as the outside and offers a wide range of performances: from children's concerts to international comedians, contemporary dance to ballet.

Australia's Finest Borough

This view is the eighth wonder of the world, no?

Sophisticated Eateries

Australia's Finest Borough

The Harbour City is full of sophisticated spots to eat that showcase the quality and abundance of local produce. You'll become unapologetically French when devouring the most decadent French cuisine, or become robustly Italian as you bask in a modern Italian fare with Chianti in hand.

The Café Culture

Australia's Finest Borough

Sydney is full of little coffee places, originally set up by Greeks and Italians, where the coffee is so good you'll take it home in bags in order to experience your morning coffee at home with this view.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australia's Finest Boroughs

Sydney's most famous landmark?  Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Sydney’s most iconic images, and is a must-climb for all visitors. There are multiple ways to get to its top, and at the top you will experience the most incredible views.

Sensational Views

Australia's Finest Borough

Sydney offers sensational views: spectacular beaches, mountains vistas, and the most striking scenery, from bush walks to enticing spots to dine and shop. There's also the Minnamurra Rainforest and Mungo National Park. Obviously, Sydney's boroughs conveniently offer the most spectacular. In nothing less than glorious luxury style.




Top image: Supplied; all other images courtesy of Sotheby's International Realty.


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