Tech Designs To Simplify Your Life: 5 Must-Have Organizer Apps

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There's a reason why smart phones are called "smart" phones: They manage to provide structure in the chaotic world we live in and make our lives a tad bit (translation: a lot) easier. If you're looking to organize your life via your smart phone, then look no further. Here are the five must-have apps for getting organized, whether it be in the kitchen or saving memories, as shared by House Beautiful.

1. Evernote; This app will help you coordinate the various notes, alarms, to-do lists and calendar events you've programmed in your numerous devices. The program centralizes your notes, photos, lists and reminders in to create a cohesive, searchable schedule. An absolute must-have for harmonizing our wired schedules! (Free via

2. Photo Manager Pro; Have over a thousand pictures on your phone? This app organizes your photographs and videos, allowing you to create color-coded custom-named folders. You can even rate each item to find your favorites in the future. ($2.99 via

3. DinnerSpinner from;  This app is a one-stop shop for all your kitchen needs. You can create a shopping list and check them off, scan grocery items and browse and save dinner recipes. What's more, you can even create a shopping list from your saved recipes to make grocery shopping a cinch! (Free via

4.  Zite and Pulse; Both of these apps help you find news feeds, blogs and sites that interest you and deliver it in one location. (Free via

5. Pet Dossier; Simply put, this app is equivalent to a history file for your pet--it keeps track of your pet's health history, medications, likes and dislikes, dietary needs and veterinary appointments--making it easy for you to access crucial information and convenient to share information to your pet's caregiver. ($1.99 via

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