Take Your Kitchen Design Up A Notch With Open Shelving

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With modern design having a big moment in the spotlight, minimalist looks are hotter than ever. One way to take your kitchen design to the next level in terms of style and modernity is open shelving. Perfect for any aesthetic, open shelving allows you to showcase not only your beautiful china, but other accessories, knick knacks and art pieces. Open shelving is truly a statement-maker, as these seven inspiration pics from Instagram prove.

Contemporary Clean

Contemporary island with open shelving

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This gorgeous kitchen features all-modern colors and lines, and the open shelving on the front of the island is no exception. Bonus tip: If you’re going to execute an open shelving design, be sure to keep your shelves neat and tidy!

Spice it Up

If you love a charming or vintage feel, you’ll love the way this homeowner displays bulk spices on open shelving. The colors and textures of the spices add dimension to the space, as do other kitchen necessities and a jar of red apples. Gold fixtures and reclaimed wood shelving complete the look.

Open and Airy

There’s no rule that says you NEED to display plates and bowls on your open shelves. This homeowner chose to display greenery, which adds a natural feel to the entire kitchen. Wood-topped stools, industrial lighting and clean white countertops finish off the design.

Statement Wall

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If you want to make a big statement, use open shelving on the wall of a room with cathedral ceilings. White wood paneling adds to the wow-factor, while the long farmhouse table and rustic finishes make the design look rustic and cozy.

Wood on Marble

Reclaimed wood shelves with marble countertops are a truly elegant combination. The pair also happens to give off an extremely natural look. In this kitchen, the look is complemented by gold finishes and a custom, vintage-inspired stove.

A Francophile’s Kitchen

If you love the French country look, you’ll love using open shelving to create European-inspired designs like this one. These shelves display bulk spices and plates, and also help to create a kitchen feature we absolutely love: A home coffee bar.

Color and Texture

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Though completely neutral, this kitchen has plenty of design interest. The differing colors of the wood floors, wooden dining table, white subway tile, black countertops and silver chairs all come together to form a modern, family-friendly space. A chalkboard area adds to the completed design.

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