Super Luxury Group Leaders Share On Servicing Affluent Clientele In Real Estate And Lifestyle Offerings

Super Luxury Group

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As South Florida real estate experts and members of the Haute Residence Network exclusively representing the Venetian Islands market, Super Luxury Group is quickly gaining ground as a leader in servicing a high net worth clientele looking at Miami and its surrounding areas as their next destination. Led by Daniel Tzinker and Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro, the company specializes in higher-priced homes and condos. Here, the duo joins Haute Residence for a Q&A on their beginnings, growth, and development as fully-rounded lifestyle consultants.

Super Luxury Group - Daniel Tzinker and Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro

Daniel Tzinker, Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro

Photo Credit: Luxhunters Productions

What does the name Super Luxury Group represent?

Our brand represents quality, passion, connections, and results.

At Super Luxury Group we are committed to elevating the standards of high-end properties by bringing an innovative and exclusive approach in the way we help the affluent find their dream homes. Our main focus are properties above the $5 million price point, where we specialize in matching the clients’ lifestyle with properties that reflect and cater to their personal needs.

The luxury segment of $1 million homes and condos in Miami became too saturated so we decided to concentrate on uber-luxe properties that start at $5 million—a segment we have our fingers in the pulse. All while leveraging local and international connections and knowledge backed by market research, advanced methods and technologies.

Our mantra is “driven by numbers, fueled by passion, and pushed by soul.” This is what drives our actions as a team on doing real estate with a purpose.

Super Luxury Group - Q&A Oct 2020Photo Credit: Luxhunters Productions

What has been the main mission of SLG since its inception?

Besides helping the affluent to buy and sell high-end properties in key destinations such as Miami, our goal is to build and bring value to our community.

When we started Super Luxury Group, we made sure to not only find a group of individuals who have experience working in luxury real estate, but that also are like-minded individuals who wanted to join a community that emphasized teamwork and giving back.

Daniel Tzinker - sitting on sofa

Daniel Tzinker

Photo Credit: Luxhunters Productions

In a real estate market as competitive as the one you have in South Florida, how do your clients see you standing out from the pack?

By combining Tzinker’s 10-year streak of record-breaking deals with Nuñez’s background in luxury properties and high-end experiences, we are able to leverage our respective assets to not only bring our clients the most coveted homes and locations on the market, but to go a step further by connecting them with additional luxury lifestyle components.

Alvaro: Our emphasis on going above and beyond is due to the fact that we are hyper-focused on lifestyle-matching, rather than simple home-matching, like others in the market. Much like in dating, we “match” a buyer’s lifestyle with a property that reflects and caters to their personal needs.

Daniel: We do whatever it takes, and beyond, to get the deal done. Whether the client is looking for a new home in Miami, or to sell/rent its current home, we specialize in putting our connections and negotiating skills in place to find the best outcome for the client. I personally think I am better at working with buyers and finding/negotiating the best deals for them. On the other hand, Alvaro brings a lot of his marketing background and social media experience that allows us to be very competitive when it comes to advertising luxury homes and making them stand out in the market.

Besides that, the client can count on our team to take them through every step of the journey. From the lawyer who handles contracts that benefit the client, to the accountant who can structure the deal in the most beneficial way from a tax standpoint.

Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro headshot

Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro

Photo Credit: Luxhunters Productions

What international markets does SLG service?

We mainly work with high-end properties that start at the $5M+ price point in areas such as Miami, but also offer similar services in jet-set locations such as Ibiza, South France, Mykonos, and St. Barths, among others.

Therefore, we are constantly collaborating with a broad international network of ambassadors (top brokers in London, Monaco, Moscow, etc.) and clients that are usually very successful business entrepreneurs. It’s definitely a unique audience that requires a very personal and special approach, and that is why we focus on a continuous hands-on approach in this specific market—we always aim to over-deliver because this type of clientele expects only the best.

How has your business model evolved in the year that has been 2020 so far?

We have been adjusting to the challenges COVID-19 has brought to all of us. This has definitely been a year to get all together and help each other to create a stronger community.

Besides that, and with the help of all the new technology available and intelligent lifestyle-based marketing, we have been promoting our properties as well as positioning ourselves among our niche market. Overall, a year of building stronger relationships, brand market share, and a deeper purpose in what we do every day.

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