Summer’s Best Sandcastles We Want To Live In

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Summer's come and gone, but it brought us some of the biggest architectural achievements of the year: sandcastles. Some were gigantic and nearly life-sized, some were small with complex details. Others required a bucket flip and nothing more. Of all the summer sandcastles that were constructed these past few months, these are the six we're most eager to live in.


1. This ultra-modern maven, bound to be the next Frank Gehry.



2. The classic renaissance model, complete with towers.



3. This castle, with watchtowers to see people leaving via slide.



4. We don't know who dribbled this, but they have a great eye for Gothic Revival architecture.



5. This mega-castle, which just nabbed the Guinness World Record for World's Tallest Sandcastle, built in the land-locked city of Duisberg, Germany.



6. Maybe not the fanciest, but having a great facade can make all the difference.




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