This France Home Is The Most Expensive Listing In The World

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For all the opulence the world has to offer, a new home in the South of France just hit the market asking for $413 million, making it the world’s most expensive listing on the market today.


Villa Les Cedres boasts 18,000 square feet, with fourteen bedrooms and sits atop 35 acres of property. The property is also highly sought after by being in a key neighborhood along the French Riviera. Located just outside Nice, the future owner of the home would be neighbors to famed rich people like the co-founder of Microsoft, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and movie moguls traveling to the Cannes Film Festival each year.


The home is also steeped in history. Built in 1830, its been owned by mayors, titans of industry, and the superrich throughout history including literal royalty with King Leopold of Belgium. Originally an olive tree farm, the home is now filled to the brim with luxury amenities like swinging chandeliers, floor to ceiling portraits and paintings in antique frames, French doors, and more.


Inside, the home is decked out with the ornate fixtures and intricate decadence that outlines its rich history. Touring the home feels like walking through a museum of the regal nature of kings and queens home life. For many, the modern trend has swept people up in a sense of feeling cool and edgy. This home is a testament to the beauty in the antique, forgotten styling of indulgence and decadence of yesteryear. While those in the industry are speculative of who the future tenants will be, the pretty penny the home will cost the lucky buyer is surely going to be matched with ample accommodations.

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