Iconic Frank Lloyd Wright Home Hits Market For $1 Million

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For the first time in years, an iconic Frank Lloyd Wright home has been listed on the market for $1 million. The Summer Cottage is located in suburban Illinois, and was built in 1913 as a home for Wright’s attorney. The home was meant to only be a temporary build while the more famous Booth Home, Wright’s larger product for the attorney, Sherman Booth, was being built. The homes were ultimately split up into the Ravine Bluffs, with the cottage being moved to its current location in nearby Glencoe.


The home has all the distinct charm of a Frank Lloyd Wright home, open floor plans, angular, modern designs, and a dark wood complexion that harkens back to the designs favored during his day. The home was designated a Glencoe historic landmark in 1996. The larger estate, the Booth House, is also up for sale in the area as well, asking for $1.65 after reducing its price from $1.9 million after failing to find a buyer. These homes are classic Frank Lloyd Wright designs that offer the Chicago suburb owners-to-be a traditional home with an incredible amount of history and future value.


Via: Curbed

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