Souda Crafts Sparkling $940 Eco-Chic Luxury Chandeliers

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souda bubble chandelier

What happens when three young Parsons post-grads put their heads together in the design world? Soda bottles become glamorous $940 eco-chic chandeliers, that’s what. Brooklynites Shaun Kasperbauer, Luft Tanaka, and Isaac Friedman-Helman joined forces to create Souda, a new design group producing some of the freshest green designs from young designers this year.

Fitting with 2013’s popular green home design trend (and the more literal affection for fashionable emerald shades), Souda’s unique handcrafted products mimic the look of molded glass and soap bubbles. The custom-made fixtures come in green and clear, and they nod to the original upcycled form of the bottles used while showing off a fresh design. These chandeliers make a bold statement in any dining area.

For a feel-good flare, buyers should know that the studio creates fixtures sourced from materials collected by Brooklyn-based Sure We Can. The nonprofit organization runs a can-collection program for the homeless, and in return, the designers donate 10% of the proceeds to assist the program in their mission.

Photo courtesy of Inhabit

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