Silicon Valley Real Estate Market Strong as Ever

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In addition to being the hangout for the many billionaires in the Bay Area, San Francisco has caught the media’s attention for being one of the minority areas in the U.S. that has seen a rise in command for real estate space. So much has been the demand that the adjacent areas like Palo Alto have seen a jump in median price of houses as well.

The most expensive house in the Silicon Valley would be the $70.4 million manse of Oracle founder Larry Ellison. Not much is known about the property other than the fact that it’s a vast 18,000-square-foot home with a personal pond (complete with miniature islands), tennis courts and waterfalls. Ellison also enjoys 191 square miles of lake access.

Also on the list of extravagantly priced homes are the residences of Eric E. Schmidt ($20 million) and Mark Zuckerberg ($7 million) as well as the Strauss estate ($53 million).

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