Sharon McCormick of Sharon McCormick Design Talks Successful Projects, Identifying a Client’s Aesthetic, and Valuable Design Features

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What are the primary factors needed to make an interior design project successful? How do you define your success?

Great communication is the only way to effectively manage any project. A designer needs to be in sync with both the clients and the contractors at all times in order to properly coordinate the multitude of details associated with design. An interior designer’s job is to plan a project schedule that maximizes efficiency, getting the project completed and impeccably coordinated in the shortest amount of time possible. A happy client is what determines a designer’s success, and worry free clients are the happiest of all. My success is evidenced by the fact that most of my clients come in as referrals from people I have already worked with.

Designers and clients often have different visions for what a room should look like. What is the best way to identify your client’s aesthetic?

Good communication is the only way to work well with a client. Constant sharing of ideas is mandatory to get a sense of a client’s style. Initially, a designer gets a sense of a person’s aesthetic by seeing the space they are currently living in, but in order to push the boundaries of design and give the client a space they could not have created on their own, it’s necessary to contribute new insights and present them in an insightful, undemanding way. We love clients who are sure of their own style, and can tell us if they either love or hate something right away!

In your opinion, what is the number one interior design feature that clients are willing to pay up for?

Many of our clients have a good sense of style and some idea about what they would like their space to look like but are at a loss for how to lay out their furniture. Space planning is the number one reason to hire an Interior Designer. By taking detailed measurements of your space, scaling it into a computer program like AutoCAD, and designing actual furniture scenarios, you obtain the best balance of aesthetics, circulation and function. Space planning is essential in designing renovations, additions and new construction.

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