Seven Must-Have Home Luxury Items

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The way someone designs their home is highly personal — essentially, everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences. However, regardless of whether you prefer a classic or contemporary style, there are distinctive items that every luxury home should have.

Here are seven must-have home luxury items that would one-up any domestic space. Do you have at least one?

A Zen Reading Space

Home Luxury Items

A great place to curl up with a good book or an iPad is essential to designing a home that gives you a chance to unwind.

Include one plush sofa, an oversized chair with a nearby floor lamp and an ottoman tucked close-by to make sure that even if your other furniture is compact and minimalistic, when you really need it, you’ll have somewhere to sink in, sit back and put up your feet.

Accent Pieces

Home Luxury Items

An accent piece like this classic piano helps bring an element of sophistication off the walls and into the room's off-center. In this space, the majority of what you see is clean white walls, elegant fabrics, color-coordinated art and wood floors that effortlessly keep everything feeling grounded.

While wood elements give immediate depth and warmth, contemporary art gives a home a sense of elegance. Whether you prefer colorful canvases or timeless black and white photographs, extending the art's monochromic elements throughout the space adds an air of sophistication.

Walk-In Closet

Home Luxury Items

If you don't have a walk-in closet, make your spare room into your closet space.

Sleek Cabinetry

Home Luxury Items

All kitchens must hide the clutter and leave room for nothing less than the beautiful. Glossy finishes that reflect light, such as these lacquered cabinets or sleek marble counters, add to the luxuriousness of any kitchen.

Home Luxury Items

Having a cityscape view also makes for the perfect kitchen recipe.

The Perfect Light Fixture

Home Luxury Items

Natural light will inevitably fade and so, ensure that your light fixtures speak luxury.

Home Luxury Items

Wall lights or ceiling lights, or both, can warm a bedroom while keeping it cool.

Polished Silver-Toned Metals

Home Luxury Items

Polished silver-toned metals are favored splurge items that have the power to add sparkle to a home, to create a photo-shopped finishing touch.

Champagne Flutes

Home Luxury Items

Champagne flutes with cinematic views. A luxury combo, indeed. If you drink at all, there will eventually come a time for you to pop open that bottle of Cristal -- and that occasion will obviously call for some champagne flutes. As such, make sure you have them on hand, for that celebratory day when you'll want one in your hand. Toasting yet another success.


All images courtesy of Sotheby's International Realty

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