Seaside Resort Designed for 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea Mirrors ‘Infinity’

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Planning Korea, the Seoul-based architecture firm, unveiled its concept for a seaside resort, designed especially for the South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics.


Located in Gangneung in Eastern Korea, the structure will house 946 rooms and offer a plethora of both marine and mountain activities. The hotel’s location is ideal for tourism, lying just five kilometers from the Olympic stadiums and facilities, which are scheduled for completion in 2016.

The resort’s figure-eight layout draws inspiration from plankton’s ecological structure. A combination of private condominiums and hotel rooms, the resort features a swimming pool, which is suspended in a belt that links the building’s dual cores. Topped by rooftop sky facilities, the building will feature LED lights on its lower levels.


Planning Korea hopes to form a village, incorporating restaurants and retail outlets, and provide a location for activities and recreation during the 2018 Winter Olympics. Post-games, the resort will be used for events and conventions.


Photos and details courtesy of ArchDaily

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