Sandra Diaz-Velasco And Eolo Design Win Four ASID Awards

Sandra Diaz

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Editor's Note: Haute Design partner Sandra Diaz-Velasco and Eolo Design are recent recipients of four American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) awards. We caught up with her for a Q&A to talk a bit about this prestigious highlight and their future.

Sandra Diaz EOLO ASID 1Photo Credit: Eugenio Willman

Haute Design: Which awards did you win with ASID?

Sandra Diaz-Velasco: We won 1ST PLACE Contemporary Residential Design over 3,000 sq. ft. for our Brickell Bachelor Project.

1st PLACE Contemporary Kitchen Design for our Brickell Bachelor Project.

1ST PLACE Powder Room Design for our Brickell Penthouse Project.

1ST PLACE Showroom Design for our EOLO Senseful Space in Casacor Miami 2018.

HD: Is there one that you cherish more than the others? Why?

SDV: Not really; but as a challenge we treasure our EOLO Senseful Space Casacor Miami because we pushed our team limits in every single way. Those limits included creative, innovative, budgetary, and time, since this was a temporary installation during Art Basel.  I experienced the full support of my internal and external team of Eolo staff, vendors and contractors. EVERYONE jumped on board with the challenge and made possible what I thought impossible. I am very grateful for that, beyond us winning this design award.

HD: How did it feel when you found out that you won one? When two? When three? When four?

SDV: It is something difficult to describe. First, we were soooooo happy and excited because we competed with top talents in the industry. On the second one were like "WOW we made it again!" and ran to get the award. On the 3rd one, we could not believe it… and on the 4th one we were beside ourselves but felt a bit embarrassed… 

Overall, we feel thankful to have such an excellent team inside and outside. It is because of them (Eolo staff, contractors and vendors) that we get to take beautiful pictures of what began as a thoughtful sketch and design concept.

HD: What do you wish to do with your next project that would hopefully merit further recognition from an organization like ASID?

SDV: I would do what we always do. We don’t stop learning and I encourage curiosity to my team. There is always something new out there; an improvement to materials and processes that would render better design solutions in order to exceed our clients' needs and expectations.  Our passion for design is endless, so I believe people and institutions will further notice our work.

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Sandra Diaz EOLO ASID 2Photo Credit: Eugenio Willman

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