This Compact ‘System Cabin’ Can Magically House Up to 12

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For this year's SALT Festival, a celebration of the cultures of Arctic circle inhabitants, a group of students worked with the Norwegian architecture firm Rintala Eggerston to construct "System Cabin," a modular Nomadic shelter that can house up to a dozen people, despite its compact size.

System Cabin

Standing over 15 feet high, the 130-square-foot cabin is comprised of 13 wooden boxes held together with bolts and straps. The building-block structure allows the cabin an adaptive design and a rigidity that other temporary shelters lack.


Campers use handmade driftwood ladders to climb between bunks and boxes and can warm themselves by what Inhabitat calls a "slightly alarming" fire.


The SALT festival started in Northern Norway and will travel through Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Ireland, Scotland, Spitsbergen, Alaska, and Russia over the next few years.


Photos courtesy of Inhabitat

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