Luxurious Rugs with Pizazz from MossPOP

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Rugs serve many purposes. They protect your hardwood floors, create a springy, soft surface for your feet and even prevent dirt from making its way into the house when placed in the appropriate spot. These luxurious rugs from MossPOP by Donald Paterson, however, serve a greater purpose than mere ‘function’; they also bring color into your living space, featuring bright patterns and unique artwork.

Hooked Up: Bar-B-Que (Price: $4,000)

Luxurious Rugs

Hooked Up: The Lady (Price: $4,200)


Hooked Up: Chicken Feed (Price $4,200)

Luxurious Rugs

Hooked Up: Girls Hanging Out (Price: $4,200)


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Photos courtesy of MossPOP

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