Rock the House with Furnishings from Cara Woodhouse x ABC Stone Classic Rock Capsule Collection

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With designer, Cara Woodhouse, interiors become anything but ordinary.

Rock & Roll Tub

Photo Credit: ABC Stone

For the New York based designer, it’s all about the details of the finer things in life. Inspired by the awe-inspiring elements, it is in the lavish materials that matter most when creating a space. So, what better way to show off her passions than with an extravagant collaboration with one of New York’s most distinctive luxury stone design firms? Cara Woodhouse and ABC Stone present the Classic Rock Capsule Collection through an array of striking silhouettes and precious textiles.

Designed by the enthusiast herself, the Cara Woodhouse x ABC Stone Classic Rock Capsule Collection was derived from the nostalgic inspiration of rock and roll. The collection consists of nine individually curated bathroom furnishings. With an emphasis on fabrication, the pieces are contrived from the finest Italian stone, creating an effortless flow of luxury throughout each interior. In addition to Cara's longtime affinity with stone, she also incorporated her signature curvaceous design style into each piece deriving from the inspiration and each piece comes available in a variety of five different marble color ways.

Rolling Stone Vanity

Photo Credit: ABC Stone

In the material narrative that Cara has been living, she’s been able to claim Los Angeles, London and now New York as home. Although based in the city that never sleeps, Cara’s full-service design firm is flourishing across the globe from Miami villas and London townhomes to Playboy offices in Beverly Hills. No matter who the client is, Cara takes initiative in designing preeminent, top interiors that render experiences, indulging them into a life of alluring luxury.

Rock Out Bench

Photo Credit: ABC Stone

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