Reiko Lewis Talks Interior Design Trends

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reiko lewis

Whether we like it or not, fall is approaching. What interior design trends do you predict in the coming months? 

For fall, I've been seeing a lot of brighter, saturated hues such as jewel tone colors, brass, metal and lacquer. Designs are also taking a more feminine look, with lace and floral patterns.

However, I strongly believe that any home should follow its resident's personal aesthetic and needs rather than what is in style that year. This allows clients to create a space that is timeless, and which they will enjoy and appreciate year after year after year.

reiko lewis

What would you like to see as a new design trend?

One of the new trends I see evolving in design is what we're referring to as "emotionally durable design," which is design that has a long shelf life.

What I think is a great asset and feature of emotionally durable design is that it allows clients to make investments on design which fit their own wants and needs, while being able to mix in inexpensive seasonal pieces.

In order to achieve this, I typically start with a neutral, monochromatic palette and spice it up with a few small "trendy" accents. For example, I like pairing a comfortable, neutral sofa against a neutral wall, with an accent colored or patterned pillow in that season's color. I also like selecting a trendy piece of artwork to hang or place in your family area.

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