Garrison Hullinger Talks Design Trends

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Whether we like it or not, fall is approaching. What interior design trends do you predict in the coming months?

As fall approaches, many families will begin to take the outdoor cushions off the furniture on the patio and store them away from winter. Many families are still looking for ways to bring the family together and not necessarily have their attention focused on electronics. There is also the struggle of making your home the ‘hang out’ place for the teenagers…every parent wants their kid’s friends to come to their home and hang out. This trend is creating a huge drive to add space in basements and over garages. We’re not specifically adding bars for the adults to these spaces, but we are adding an additional kitchen to this entertainment area so you can have the ability to serve light meals from the space and not go back and forth to the kitchen.

If we’re spending the time and effort to expand these recreation areas in the homes, the clients are also asking us to raise the bar a bit with the finishes. We’ve recently added a fused glass slab to the top of a bar and for another project we brought in 100+ yr old reclaimed barn wood to add to the ceiling for interest. Sometimes it’s not always the theme of these rooms but instead what is going to give you a great feeling.

What would you like to see as a new design trend?

I’d like to see more homes using a greige finish on their wood floors. The success of the greige finish gives a more neutral grounding appeal to the home. I also like using a variegated size of boards with a mix of 3”, 5”, 7” to create an interesting but consistent pattern throughout the home.

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