Reiko Lewis Talks Holiday Decor and Creating a Cozy Space

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Holiday décor can easily enter the realm of ‘hokey’ or contrived. What are some important tips to keep in mind when decorating a sophisticated interior for the holidays? What is your top advice for designing a cozy, inviting living space?

During the holiday season, it is easy to go into autopilot and pull on the stereotypical red and green sweater and throw some holly up on your walls.

Some tips when thinking about decorating your home for the holidays: take into consideration what you already have in the house. I typically recommend clients work with their existing décor – which may require thinking outside of the box and incorporating some nontraditional colors. For example, if your rugs and sofa are beige using Christmas tree ornaments and lights that are white, and holiday decorations that are cream, beige, gold or silver shades will enhance those colors.

Also for the holidays, using candles to light up a room is very effective to create a romantic and festive ambience at an event. As an added touch, I like to use fragrance candles in certain rooms like the kitchen – something like a cinnamon-scented candle will touch multiple senses and mingle with rest of delicious smells throughout the house. Just remember not to leave candles unattended!

I also recommend creating a focal point for a room. It can be anything from a beautiful floral centerpiece to a candle display or even a decorated wreath – as long as it fits in the same color scheme.

The holidays can be a very hectic time of year but creating a space that is cozy and inviting allows you and your guests to feel like themselves and focus on creating memories with family, friends and loved ones. Happy holidays!

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