Philip Weiser Spotlights 5 Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Cannes Cote d’Azur France

Philip Weiser

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The Cote d’Azur is famous for so many reasons–whether it is the Cannes Film Festival or Monaco Grand Prix, its amazing scenery or fine climate–there are a number of reasons for adoring this beautiful part of the world. One facet of the Cote d’Azur which always scores highly on many people’s lists is the food and wine of the region. We have a wealth of Michelin-starred restaurants, from one end of the French Riviera to the other, and inland.

In this monthly series, Carlton International will provide a roundup of Michelin-starred restaurants in certain areas.

In this first installment, we are focusing on Cannes or close to Cannes with five restaurants to sample, while featuring a selection of Carlton International properties for sale or to rent that are nearby.


2 Michelin Stars


Brothers run this elegant restaurant with a lush patio, serving delicious southern French dishes with eastern touches and a “caravane of desserts.” Featuring cooking, baking, and oenology workshops, this oasis is not a mirage!

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La Palme d'Or

2 Michelin Stars

In the sumptuous Art Deco setting of the Hotel Martinez, diners look down on La Croisette from a gastronomic peak. The chef creates spectacular cuisine that is sunny and creative, justly deserving of a Palme d'Or!

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Sea Sens

1 Michelin Star


This young chef, who has successfully completed stints in some top establishments, is a world champion pastry chef. From starter to dessert, the duo hits the bull’s-eye with quality ingredients, masterful execution, and distinct flavors. On the fifth floor of the Five Hotel, you’re offered a pretty view over the rooftops of the city.

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Le Park 45          

1 Michelin Star


The experienced chef at this restaurant prepares fresh dishes that are full of flavor and takes evident pride in using the best quality ingredients. Dine in minimalist decor on a terrace overlooking the park.

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Villa Archange

1 Michelin Star

This attractive restaurant is tastefully decorated with wood floors, original paintings, and hand-selected furniture pieces. In the kitchen, the cleverly-composed and beautifully-presented dishes prepared by Bruno Oger typify the flourish and flavor of southern French cuisine.

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