Noelle Hernandez of NCH Design LLC Talks Holiday Decor

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In the winter months, it’s even more important to create a homey, warm space for family and guests. What is your top advice for designing a cozy, inviting living space?

I always love flowers in the winter months. It can be gray and cold outside and having some beautiful flower arrangements can definitely change the mood.

Candle groupings are fun too. Candlelight helps a person snuggle up with a warm blanket and relax.

Holiday décor can easily enter the realm of ‘hokey’ or contrived. What are some important tips to keep in mind when decorating a sophisticated interior for the holidays?

Less is more in my book. Instead of decorating with holiday lights, santas and reindeer wall to wall, pick a few key locations and do those so they are more of a focal point.

If you could change one element of a room to improve people’s first impression of the space, what would it be? Why?

Lighting. You can have a gorgeous space but if the lighting is off it is all lost.

Are there any design trends you’d like to see disappear as quickly as they came?

Cheetah prints. It always seems to get overdone.

To learn more about Noelle Hernandez, visit her Haute Residence profile and website.

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