New Frank Gehry Condo Sells for a Big $61 Million in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a crowded city that is almost famed for its high real estate prices, and one of the city’s latest sales doesn’t disappoint those who enjoy seeing big numbers attached to apartments.  In fact, the $61 million sale of a Frank Gehry-designed condo in the chock-a-block city almost makes people breathe a sigh of relief that while their home city may be expensive to live in, it’s at least affordable compared to Hong Kong.

However, architects, real estate agents and property investors all agree:  a Frank Gehry residence is worth the price, with wealthy New Yorkers being happy to spend $60,000 a month to rent one of his Manhattan penthouses.

Further making the building worth the price to Hong Kong residents with money to spare is the construction’s surrounding green space; as almost all of the city is fully developed with high-rises a-go-go, the lush expanses of vegetation are extremely rare and highly desirable, driving up the price.

The luxury residence 12-floor tower is built on a hillside and boasts of panoramic views of the city.  The edifice was designed to reflect the landscape of the territory, and appears to almost be gently swaying with the breeze.

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