Inside Interior Decorator Nate Berkus’ Completely Revamped NY Duplex

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Designer Nate Berkus, who shot to fame thanks to his popular segments on Oprah Winfrey's talk show, has done the impossible. As Architectural Digest has documented, Berkus took on and completed a total makeover of his New York City duplex in just three months.

When Berkus relocated to New York from Chicago in 2011 to film his new program The Nate Berkus Show, he rented a modern loft overlooking the Hudson River. “I always had this New York fantasy of living in a glass high-rise,” he told Architectural Digest. “While I respect contemporary architecture a great deal, I was uncomfortable from the moment I moved in; I felt like I was living on a shelf.”

Berkus thought he would be happier in a brick-and-mortar, and purchased a 19th-century Greenwich Village building. The property was not in good condition when Berkus first arrived, but leave it to him, a highly sought-after interior decorator, to reveal the diamond in the rough. Berkus completely revamped the three-bedroom duplex in collaboration with architectural designer Carlos Huber.

The duo gave the apartment a complete makeover, stripping the floors to apply white-oak boards, defining the space with glass and metal double doors and interior partitions and even the addition of a skylight. The result? A chic, seamless apartment which would surely have got the crowd at Oprah squealing!

Source, photos and video courtesy Architectural Digest's exclusive interview with Nate Berkus.


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