Mojave Desert’s ‘Volcano House’ is Currently on the Market

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This home could’ve easily been named the "Flying Saucer House" or the "UFO Home" due to its saucer-like shape, but since it‘s positioned on top of a volcanic cinder cone, it's known as the "Volcano House."

Located in what is known as the driest desert in North America––the west coast's Mojave Desert––the Volcano House is positioned on 60 acres of land and is less than an hour drive from Barstow, California.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom home with its spaceship-like design has high ceilings, an open floor plan, a collection of large sliding glass doors, and a viewing deck that surrounds the desert pad and offers amazing 360-degree views of the nearby mountains and lake.

Towards the bottom of the 150-foot cinder cone, the Volcano House sits on another property. Featuring two-stories, it contains a spacious garage and an second-floor apartment.

If you're into spaceships, volcanoes, and living in the middle of a dessert, this just may be the home for you. The Volcano Home is currently being shopped for $650,000.

Photos courtesy of Hypebeast

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