Michele Utley Voigt Digitally Takes Over Aston Martin Residences Art Gallery with New Exhibition

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Photo Credit: Michele Voigt

Internationally exhibited and award-winning digital artist, Michele Utley Voigt, has claimed her pedestal on the 52nd virtual floor of The Aston Martin Residences Art Gallery where she has been welcomed as the latest featured artist for their Virtual Art Gallery exhibition series. While the physical gallery comes together, Voigt will be sharing her exclusive exhibition, entitled “Domestic Situation.” The display will be featured for two months as a three-dimensional immersive experience, replicating the residence’s gallery that is soon to be built. 

In the Domestic Situation exhibit, Voigt explores the systematic domestication of women, transcendentalism, and modernization of pragmatic feminism. The collection takes the audience along on a journey from the traditional world to the modern day with an array of works ranging from oil paint canvases to digitally crafted works and NFTs. 

“These large-scale paintings, NFTs, and digital presentations consider our modern caste system, aspirations for beauty, entrapment of desire, empowerment of luxury, and ultimate emancipation,” explains Voigt.  “The works explore systemic female conditioning and align the subjects within that realm while embracing cultural icons. The works explode with voyeuristic opportunities offering both the subject and the viewer moments steeped with escapism.”


Photo Credit: Michele Voigt

Not only did Voigt take over the digital world of the Residences, but she is also pleased to present her original oil on canvas “Aquasitions” piece, made just for the collection. Inspired by the Residences themselves, the painting embraces the tower’s sail-shaped architecture and stunning interiors, with a colorful creation that is as vibrant as Miami itself. Luckily for the residences, the “Aquasitions” piece will remain in the Aston Martin Residences’ permanent collection.

“Domestic Situation” by Michele Voigt can now be viewed at the Aston Martin Residences immersive 3D virtual gallery, at www.astonmartinresidences.com/amrVirtual/index.html.

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