MG Developer Drives the Commuter Lifestyle Home with City Approval for Metro Station, a Transit-Oriented Development

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Photo Credit: MG Developer

Miami emerged as a glamorous paradise during the glitz of the 1980s, attracting travelers and residents alike with its tropical allure and upscale entertainment, and the Magic City continues to rise to new heights each year. But with its rich culture and burgeoning population, Miami—and its vast metropolitan area—is no stranger to the struggles of big-city life, especially when it comes to high volumes of traffic. In Hialeah, one of Miami’s most active residential developers, MG Developer, is on a mission for the betterment and beautification of the city, and recent city approval for its new Metro Station development comes as the latest breakthrough on this journey. 

Metro Station—a 55-unit transit-oriented multifamily community located at 2691 East 11th Avenue—marks the first joint venture between MG Developer and FC&E. The two acquired the 12,000-square-foot parcel in 2022 with plans to alleviate traffic by driving the commuter lifestyle home, literally. The development is directly adjacent to the Metrorail and Tri-Rail Transfer Station, and it comes as MG’s third multifamily development in Hialeah, complementing their existing project, Metro Parc, a 10-story, 559-unit, two-tower mixed-use apartment rental community, as well as Metro Parc North, a 620-unit multifamily building. 

MG Developer and Baron Property Group acquired Metro Parc in 2021, marking the beginning of the former’s multifamily rental division and its commitment to bringing Miami high-quality housing with efficient commuting. This has been further solidified with Metro Parc North and now, Metro Station. 

The endeavor is one of the City of Hialeah’s latest efforts to encourage residents to live near public transit and create a flourishing commuter culture. And as a supporter of this vision, MG is collaborating closely with city officials to bring multifamily projects near public transportation hubs as it gears up to set a new standard for how projects will be built in the future. 

Diego Torrealba, Senior Vice President at MG Developer, expressed his pride in working with the city to bring prime housing to the area, noting the project’s promising implications for professional life. “It’s perfect for professionals that want to avoid daily commutes in traffic who work near transit hubs. Our goal is to continue building living spaces that are appealing to professionals and that provide modern-day conveniences.” 

MG’s commitment to Miami is evident not only in its practical living solutions but also in its furthering of the city’s unique culture. The residential developer is an avid supporter of organizations like the Coral Gables Community Foundation and Miami’s Art in Public Places program, having recently commissioned an original stone sculpture at Balboa Plaza. 

As the Magic City continues to grow and change every day, there’s no telling what solutions MG Developer will dream up next to meet the demands of its advancement. 

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