Luxury Cigar Rooms are the New Man Caves

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Cigar connoisseurs, it’s time for you to exhale. Gone are the days when you have to go outside to smoke your after-dinner cigar. Whether alone or with friends, now’s the time for you to light up in your own luxury cigar room, lounge back, lightly liquor up and lock your door. Set aside selected evenings for your unapologetic cigar smoking, at home.

As any cigar aficionado knows so well, smoking cigars is a lifestyle pleasure – most often associated with prestige and self-assurance. In particular, the latter. Cigar connoisseurs have known for some time that cigars and winning routinely go together: from business mergers, weddings, births, victorious sporting events to high-profiled, celebrity events.

But there’s more to cigar smoking than just victory. It’s a sacred rite. The ritual can be a time of quiet reflection away from outside distractions; or a time to engage in conversation with intimates; or a time to read a great book; or an excuse to experience the joy of doing nothing: JOMO at its best. The cigar connoisseur knows that, sometimes, in order to go above and beyond, you first have to relax, ruminate and recharge in a contemplative atmosphere. And these luxury cigar rooms create nothing less than a dreamy ambience for you to do so.

Fantasy Cigar Rooms

Cigar Rooms

More than one Havana is to be had in this stately room.


Cigar Rooms

Stock Photo

Now’s the time to light up and create some Cuban smoke in this opulent cigar room.

Perfectly Paired Cigar Rooms

Cigar Rooms

These his and hers cigar chairs allow the gentle holding of a Mayan Sicar in one hand, and a straight up bourbon in the other. Cigar etiquette 101.


Cigar Rooms

Any cigar interlude must include lighting up in style.

Regal Cigar Rooms

Cigar Rooms

The art of exhaling has never looked so good.


Cigar Rooms

A balcony with the most exquisite skyline view is the only worthy contender for any regal cigar room.

Rings of well earned smoke is an art form to the cigar purist. Knowing this, the ceremonial act of cigar smoking should occur in a room that honors such veneration. And fortunately, today’s luxe cigar rooms include filtration systems that essentially make your room a hassle-free and smokeless domain, while incorporating the hottest design styles currently available.

Become the cigar devotee that you are: intoxicate yourself in the rich, aromatic fragrance of cigars in a cigar room of your own. Imagine yourself seated, with a cigar in your winning hand and feeling a deep appreciation and respect for the pleasures this ritual and your room bring to you. As the English author, Evelyn Waugh, said: “The most futile and disastrous day seems well spent when it is reviewed through the blue, fragrant smoke of a Havana Cigar.” Words to relax by.


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