Luxury Basements Designed for the Super Rich

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luxury basements

London real estate is trending towards the “iceberg home design,” a feature where a home’s basement is made to create space and add value to a home without really disturbing its footprint or creating a mega mansion. Building and designing a luxury basement leaves opportunity for a den area, playroom, additional storage and, for the super rich, custom indoor pools, bars and home spas. Celebrities like Kate Moss, Roman Abramovich and Jude Law have all enjoyed homes with this great amenity.

Until recently, it has been easier to gain permissions in London to dig down for more space, avoiding above-ground planning restrictions. Now, due to noise complaints, we wouldn’t be surprised if this plush opportunity will become harder to attain.

What do you think, readers? Will this design trend live on or fizzle out? Is it worth the fuss?

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