Kathy Doyle Talks Home Staging, Business Philosophy and Setting Your Work Apart

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What are some recommendations you might make to a seller when they begin staging a home to prepare for showings?

What I recommend to all of my clients when they are staging a home for sale is two important things. First, fill up the space with clean lines, and bring life to the home. But keep in mind that you don’t over-fill or allow clutter to build up in the home. There needs to be balance, so that the buyer can envision their life fitting into this new home. There needs to be space for the buyer to imagine their favorite accessory and sentimental objects, and maybe a great design idea or two for the interior space. The décor needs to fit the style of the home and the surrounding environment, and it shouldn’t be too far down one style route or another. While a splash of bright color is a great accessory, a home filled with different colors and patterns will be off-putting to the majority of potential buyers. Envision the perfect buyer for your property and pare down the décor so that the buyer has an idea of how their lifestyle will fit into the property, and then widen the vision to fit all potential buyers: people near the mind-set and lifestyle of the homes “perfect fit”. Moderation and balance are the two keys to wonderful staging. Learn how to edit your ideas while making the home feel lived in and you will have the perfect outcome for great photography and successful showings.

What sets you apart from your competition in your market?

While there are many aspects of Kathy Doyle Estates that set us apart from the competition in Malibu and Beverly Hills luxury real estate, the most important factor is the personal attention that we provide to each of our clients, both sellers and buyers. Because we are a boutique firm and don’t have the large commissions to an umbrella company that other agents face, our business model is about quality and not quantity. We go above and beyond for each and every client and always have a keen eye on design for all of our marketing materials to produce unique and beautiful advertisements for each of our listings. Our network of relationships within the industry is extensive and we are able to tap into that network for each of our clients because we have the time to. Each person we represent is extremely important to our company, because we have relied on word of mouth to grow our business each and every year.

What is your business philosophy?

Our business philosophy is based on integrity, efficiency and discretion. We work with many high profile clients from around the globe and our personal goal is to make their real estate transactions as smooth as possible. We handle all the foot-work and tap into our local and global client networks to produce the best results for buyers and sellers. We handle negotiations, schedule inspections, and pay the utmost of personal attention to each and every one of our clients and their specific needs. We pride ourselves in providing elite service to all of our clients, because each client is elite to us and deserves the best relationship and smoothest experience for every one of their real estate transactions.

To find out more about real estate in Malibu in Beverly Hills please visit www.KathyDoyleEstates.com. To learn more about Kathy, visit her Haute Real Estate Network Profile.

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