LUXE Christie’s International On Outdoor Living in a Small Space

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Luxury residences come in all different shapes and sizes. If your ideal home is a luxurious condo on the riverfront or in a hip downtown neighborhood, outdoor space may be at a premium. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the outdoor living opportunities that you do have.

“Clients in the Pacific Northwest value the beautiful natural surrounding of the region,” says Kendra Ratcliff, Designated Broker and VP at LUXE Christie’s International Real Estate. “Even buyers of condos, penthouses, and luxury apartments expect to have access to some outdoor space. We love showing them how to maximize the space and utilize their patio, balcony or terrace to its fullest extent.”

Here are a few ideas for creating a luxurious outdoor area when you have limited space.


The reason for having a terrace or patio is so that you can enjoy the outdoors. Choose seating that proportionally fits the space. If you are lucky enough to have a large terrace, fill the space with comfortable seating and a table and chairs for enjoying al fresco dining. For a balcony with small square footage, chairs with a small versatile table can serve as both dining and relaxing purposes.


City views. River views. Ocean views. Whatever view you have, take advantage of it as it is likely one of the reasons you purchased the home. Arrange seating so that it faces the view, and be sure not to place tall plants or furniture in front windows as you don’t want to obstruct views from inside the home.


Plants not only add to the aesthetic of an outdoor space, but research shows that people who live around nature feel happier than those who don’t.

When choosing plants for your space take into consideration the amount of light they’ll receive and the amount of care needed. If you travel frequently, be sure to choose plants that require less frequent watering like cacti, succulents or colorful bougainvillea. Herbs like sage or rosemary are lovely looking, drought-tolerant and useful.


While some penthouses offer private terraces, quite often, balconies in luxury high-rises may lack the privacy you would have in a single-family home. That doesn’t preclude you from creating a secluded space where you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed.

Privacy screens are an excellent option when neighbors are close. Retractable screens, tall plants like bamboo, vine-covered lattice, curtains, or a garden wall are easy and moveable options for creating a private space.

“If you purchase a luxury condo it is because you love the style and lifestyle it affords,” Ratcliff explains. “So whether you have 200 or 1,000 square feet of outdoor space, it’s important to use it to its fullest potential while continuing the same aesthetic outdoors as you have indoors.”

LUXE Christie’s International Real Estate is the region’s market leader in luxury residential and commercial property. Specializing in luxury condominiums, high-rises, high-end estates, LUXE Christie’s offers incomparable boutique services in Washington. For more information about buying or selling in Washington, please contact Kendra Ratcliff at 503-330-6677 or

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