Live like a King in a $10.9 Million Water World in Land-locked Miami Neighborhood

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This stunning property is something that could come right out of a science fiction movie. It is one of those once-in-a-lifetime properties that real estate enthusiasts hope to find on the market. Miami architect Charles Sieger, who is best known for multi-million dollar high-rise residences, built the home for himself far from the shore. For the first time since being built in 2007, the moat-surrounded castle is for sale. The asking price is $10.9 million.

Elements that make Sieger’s property so unusual include the use of complete symmetry in the property. Everything down to the courtyard, gazebos, stone-stepping paths, and even the moat, is symmetrical. The property boasts eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms and encompasses a staggering 10,100 square feet.

Photo credit: Curbed

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