Live in ‘Escape Traveler,’ an Eco-Friendly House on Wheels

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Are you ready for your next great adventure? The Escape Traveler has just been introduced to the housing market at the peak of the tiny home trend. Offering purchasers the ability to seamlessly live and travel, this spectacular home on wheels is a 269-square-feet piece of paradise.


The energy-efficient structure is completely handmade with all natural recycled materials, including a cedar lap façade, glass entry door, and low-energy windows that flood the space with light. One hundred percent recycled and eco-certified Dakota lines the interior of this mobile residence, which is insulated by closed cell foam made from recycled materials. The tiny structure can weigh anywhere between 10,000 and 13,000 pounds, making it moveable by most standard pickup trucks.


Choose between two sizes—a 269-square-foot standard or a 344-square-foot XL—and enjoy full-sized appliances, including a washer and dryer, a bathroom, hot water, and a living room with a fireplace and big-screen television.


Perfect for those who wish to live year-round in the great outdoors or for families looking for a new twist on summer vacation, this six-sleeper is a tiny way to make life just a little more fun.


Images courtesy of Inhabitat

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