Likeminded in Luxury: Realtor Marshall Mullen of Echelon Estates Sees “Collaboration” in the 2013

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Realtor Marshall Mullen is set to leverage his position in the global luxury property market and make 2013 a year of new possibilities for Echelon Estates.

What do you see as your company’s greatest success in 2012?

Echelon Estates has had so many great things happen in 2012 - Echelon's move to level 26 of Sydney's only 6 star energy efficiency rated building, No1. Bligh Street, which has already featured on the cover of numerous Architectural magazines and won many awards, has been a great move for the company.  The attraction of our first hi-profile International agencies, choosing the luxury branded portal created by the company ( as a means to raise the International enquiry levels on the luxury assets they represent, was another huge success for the company. And we would consider the exclusivity of the Australian market with Haute Residence as another successful string to the bow of Echelon Estates - a relationship which will bear fruit for many years to come.

What do you see as some of the biggest opportunities in the coming year ahead?

If I was to sum it up in a word I would say "collaboration".  As soon as we launched the Echelon portal, within a week we had a French real estate organization, an Italian family with a villa in Tuscany and a Costa Rican resort owner contact us. So for us, it’s about creating something of value and working with like minded people from across the planet, to achieve successful outcomes.

What changing market aspects will have the greatest impact on the way you conduct business in 2013?

Echelon Estates is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the changing market - in fact our entire business model takes advantage of these changes: Overseas agents looking to capture the interest of high-net-worth individuals from the wealthiest economies in the world at present will look to showcase their client’s properties on our luxury branded portal targeting the Australasian market.  So we are looking forward to attracting the best in the industry and nurturing the professional relationships with our International Associates. On the ground here is Australia, as the mining boom slows, the federal government is looking to stimulate the housing sector, so we will reap the benefits of that - attracting owners of luxury assets who realize the importance of a real estate firm with International reach, and as 2013 will see the opening of three Echelon Estates offices in key Cities globally, we believe we will be able to add considerable value to everyone associated with the brand.

What is it about you and your company that sets you apart from the rest?

Thinking big and acting fast, visionary and global mindset, entrepreneurial and progressive attitudes all set the Echelon Estates team apart within the walls of our office. Backing that rhetoric up with tangible points of difference in the marketplace is what sets us apart in the minds of the clients we represent.

What are the most important questions a client should ask themselves before selecting an agent in your market?

Does this agent have a global cost effective marketing strategy?

What are their unique local marketing channels?

What is their buyer servicing strategy?

Are they part of an effective business unit, supported by a team driving the necessary administrative tasks?

All the time, ask yourself, have they demonstrated how they can add value to every step in the sales process?

Finally, and more importantly, what is their character and attitude like.  They should be smart, fresh, and knowledgeable, have a proven track record and yet still be hungry for the opportunity to represent you.  If arrogance creeps in, walk out.


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