Las Vegas Real Estate Update With Darin Marques

Darin Marques

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We headed to Las Vegas, Nevada, for a Q&A with local real estate expert Darin Marques at Darin Marques Group at Huntington & Ellis, A Real Estate Agency in Las Vegas.

Darin Marques headshotPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Darin Marques Group

How did the pandemic affect the real estate market in Las Vegas?

When the stock market took a hit because of Covid, everything came to a complete stop for about four to five months. It was tough. The biggest thing was to stay consistent, making calls, and developing my team internally and administratively. I took the time to get myself in a good position so that when the market did bounce back, we were ready to take on that business.

What can potential buyers of luxury real estate expect from relocating to the area?

The biggest thing that attracts people here is that there is no state income tax, bringing a lot of California buyers. That can average between 12-16% of their income that they get to keep.

When people think of Vegas, they think of gambling and the Strip, but it’s in the perfect location. It’s a great hub for business. Vegas logistically is perfectly positioned, close to the beach by car or airplane. We have great restaurants, parks, hiking, and of course, the fact that we have the Golden Knights in the NHL, the Raiders in the NFL, and professional baseball coming our way.

Describe your passion for real estate, and especially the Las Vegas market.

Meeting people and helping them. Working for them and doing a great job so they’re happy. In luxury, customer service is a high expectation. You have to take care of the clients because 90% of your business comes from referrals. The first couple of years I got into real estate, I was figuring out the “why”. It wasn’t until I found a client a dream property they really wanted, their dream home; the wife started crying from the joy.

Darin Marques represents the Henderson, Nevada, area as part of the exclusive Haute Residence Network of top real estate professionals. Visit his website here.

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