Jonas Furniture: Ultra Luxury Sofas from the Oval Office to Your Home

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jonas furniture

Jonas Furniture is known for its ultra-extravagant upholstery, luxury clients and now for a new line of lux five-figure sofas. Using only the most expensive finely made products to craft these masterpieces, the sofas feature down padding, defect-free wood and wood-doweled frames. These pieces are made to last not just the season but for generations to come.

Company President Charles Berlin tells Forbes: “Our direct clients are designers and architects, and their clients are people who want the very best, and can afford it. Many are Hollywood actors and producers, investment bankers and partners at law firms. We’ve also worked for some high-end hotel clients like Carlyle Hotel, Knickerbocker Club.”

Perhaps the greatest talking point is the line’s presence in none other than the Oval Office. In the recent interview, Berlin revealed, “Yes. The two sofas in the Oval Office that you see all the time  on TV were made by us. As is the drapery for the Vice President’s residence. Some other well-known owners of our furniture are Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Charlize Theron. Weinstein Brothers, David Geffen and Bob Iger.”

Stay tuned for more Jonas Furniture releases in the near future.

Photo courtesy of Forbes.

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