Jeff Hyland Talks Dining Under the Stars and High-Tech Features Homebuyers Covet the Most

Jeff Hyland

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What’s the best place to dine or drink under the stars in your region?

Il Cielo is a wonderful restaurant for dining under the stars. Reminiscent of Tuscany, large trees surround the outdoor seating area located under a romantic night’s sky lit by hanging chandeliers.  Il Cielo has been a staple in Beverly Hills since 1986, and continues to be one of the best places to view the sky, whether with friends, family, or that special someone.


What “smart” (or high-tech) features do homebuyers covet the most?

Many of the homebuyers I work with have an affinity for collecting wine. More recently, self-proclaimed wine aficionados are opting to forego the traditional wine cellar in favor of high-tech temperature-regulated wine cellars that are room temperature where you sit and drink or smoke cigars, and have the actual bottles in glass-enclosed storage units. Such units can be customized and constructed anywhere, making it easy for homeowners to display their collections without having to affect the temperature of an entire room. What makes these high-tech cellars even more incredible is that they can be illuminated on command, as well as the fact that owners can track the number and types of wines stored and provide pairing recommendations based on the available inventory—all functions that can be accessed through an iPad, iPhone, or any other smart device. I have seen one that by pushing a button on a particular wine rack, opens a screen on a monitor and gives the narrative on the wine selected, including pictures of the actual vineyard where the wine was grown and bottled.


Speaking of smart devices… A smart system is another popular high-tech feature, giving homeowners the power to control everything within their homes from their smart phones. Imagine turning on your spa while sitting in traffic on the 405, and after a long day’s work, slipping into perfectly-heated water while enjoying a glass of wine (from your own cellar of course). Now that’s luxury living!

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