James Franco’s Airbnb Pop-Up Suite

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James Franco recently designed a free-standing Airbnb suite for the company’s “Hello LA” campaign, and his original design featured a Beni Ourain rug, oversized bedside book stand and a leather patchwork bed frame. The suite features an eclectic mix of whimsical collected pieces, such as a porcelain sculpture of Michael Jackson and his monkey. Perhaps the most unexpected element of Franco’s design is its location, Hollywood Forever Cemetary.

Actor James Franco Designs his Hollywood Forever Cemetery Pop-Up at Airbnb's Hello LA Design Lab

With this in mind, it seems the star may have been attempting some kind of ironic twist with the “YOLO” wall mural. The room offers an interesting “paint-by-numbers” motif among many featured items. Other celebrities that partook in the campaign include Moby, Molly Sims, Lake Bell and Angelica Huston.


Molly Sims room, in contrast, featured a whimsical, feminine vibe with stunning floral walls and fascinating light fixtures.

airbnb molly sims

Lake Bell’s room was bohemian and beachy, mixing a variety of textures.

Lake bell airbnb room

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Photos courtesy of airbnb.com

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