Interview Exclusive: Designer Nicole Fuller Partners with Savoir, Makers of $175K Luxury Bed

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Party Pic with Savoir Talia Bed (1)

Savoir, a renowned luxury bespoke bed company, is well known for its creation of the world’s most expensive bed. If your memory is foggy from a few months back, their Royal State Bed was priced at $175,000 and was created in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. Its plush surface is intended to give the air of royal beds from times past, and it seems to do just that. We’re guessing you’ll get the best sleep of your life on a bed that took nearly 700 man-hours to make.

Nicole Fuller of Nicole Fuller Interiors has been named one of Vogue’s hottest new designers, is twice-nominated for Andrew Martin “Designer of the Year” award and recently won two International Property Awards for 2013. Fuller recently partnered with Savoir to make her exclusive luxury bed, "Talia" and celebrated its release here in SoHo this month.

Party Pic_ Nicole on Savoir Talia bed

What inspired your collaboration with Savoir on the “Talia” bed, Nicole?

I feel that all of the rooms in a house are very important, but the bedroom is something that is sacred. I wanted this bed to feel like romance and sophisticated glamour and also wanted it to have whimsy…a bit of fairytale essence. Talia is the original name of Sleeping Beauty from the Italian version of the story, so I knew it was the perfect fit.

What sparked your involvement with Savoir to initially?

I’ve been using Savoir in my interiors for quite some time. Seeing as though I do very, very high-end residential and commercial spaces, Savoir was the perfect partner for me. Whether my clients already know about them or I’m just introducing them to the products, the result is always the same. They are always so happy. The brand is incredible and I wanted to combine it with my interiors and my sense of style.

Nicole Fuller

I bet you get the best sleep of your life!

I feel like it’s the ultimate in luxury and indulgence. Your sleep is everything!

What details are the most important when searching for your perfect bed?

I do think it will always start with the aesthetic, especially from a designer’s point of view. It’s very important that whatever I design can work effortlessly in any of my interiors. I also want to design something that can go across the board for any designer to also make it their own.

I suggested the Loro Piana cashmere for my design…but of course I’ll have clients that will want COM, and they will have the chance to customize the design. Headboards and valances can be made from a wide selection of fabrics in felt, velvet, linen and mohair. The stud detail here is a signature of mine, and it’s the first time I’ve used it in this way. The bed features almost 500 square grommets...I’m obsessed with metals.

nicole fuller

Do you have any other upcoming projects? Anything else in the works?

I do.

Are you allowed to tell us about it?

No! Not just yet [She said with a smile]. But we have some other very exciting international partnerships in the works…keep on the lookout!

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