How The One Percent Project Is Helping Fight Homelessness Through Interior Design

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Interior design is a very niche need, typically used by the top percenters of the world. Designer Jessica Helgerson wants to use her interior design to help those without homes and thus created The One Percent Project that turns the term “one percent” on its head. 

The Jessica Helgerson Interior Design firm is based in Portland, Oregon, and is the company of principal designer, Jessica Helgerson. Her firm works with some of the richest and most beautiful homes in the Portland area, but she couldn’t help but notice the huge difference between those homes and the tents lining the streets outside. She decided she wanted to help give back, and give her clients the opportunity to do the same. 

“As arbiters of home,” reads The One Percent Project website, “It is our duty to fight for shelter for everyone.”

The One Percent Project launched in 2019, and partners with the Oregan Community Foundation (OCF) to donate funds to homeless-based non-profit organizations throughout the country. Not just limited to Oregon organizations, the Foundation makes sure to only donate to non-profits that are making a measurable impact in their community. They ask those who work in the home market, such as designers, and their clients to donate 1% of the cost of the housing project towards the foundation and providing homes for those without. 

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

“We want to lead the way in terms of people who own businesses or run businesses to think about the adjacencies in terms of charitable giving,” says Kate Sullivan, Managing Director of JHID. “If every business rallied the power of their customer base to do this, imagine how much impact that 1% could have.”

The Jessica Helgerson Interior Design firm currently donates 1% of its net profits to The One Percent Project as well.

To learn more about the One Percent Project and what you can do to help, visit the website here

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