hb+a Architects Helps Introduce Imported Wine and Cheese to Local Bay Area

Hafsa Burt

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Hafsa Burt's focus includes eliminating toxins with indoor air quality as a specialty. She actively speaks on the topic of indoor air quality as it relates to the practice of architecture and is an industry expert on “Healthy Building Practices”.

Photo Credit: hb+a Architects

Hafsa Burt shared what happens when her ecologically-conscious design firm works on a food and beverages space.


Haute Design: How did the occasion arise for you to work on a space for wine and cheese? Have you done other projects for companies within the food industry?

Hafsa Burt: The client for this retail space is a sommelier and he wanted to open a store to pursue his lifelong passion and introduce imported wine and cheese to the local community. We have done at least a dozen bars/restaurants or coffee shops all over the bay area, including several pavilions for America’s Cup in San Francisco.


HD: As a designer, what are the main differences involved with working on an eating establishment versus a private residence, for example?

HB: In an establishment that caters to the public, we have to make sure the space is accessible to everybody and is safe for patrons to come in and circulate through. There’s a whole gamut of regulations that we need to look at and abide by so an establishment can open their doors to the public and members of the general public can safely and freely roam in a space. We also have to cater to branding and make sure that design addresses the brand’s individuality and the space becomes their signature.

Photo Credit: hb+a Architects

HD: What were some of the challenges involved in this project?

HB: We had a very tight deadline for this project. It was delivered and approved in under 3 weeks. We had to get several agencies to approve the work, including the Healthy Department of course.


HD: What was your favorite aspect of this project?

HB: I love it when a client's goals and visions come true and we become a facilitator of that. I would say that is my favorite part of this project, among others.

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