Donté J. Young Aims to be Bold, not Basic

Donté J. Young

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The Young Companies, Inc (TYC INC.) is a bespoke luxury interior design and development firm based in both in Chicago, IL and Manhattan, NY.

Photo Credit: The Young Companies

Donté J. Young, founder and CEO of The Young Companies, shared how The Young Companies approaches Interior design.


Haute Design: What does your design firm do that no one else can imitate?

Donté J. Young: Two specific things come to mind. We're not just designers, we're design artists. I like to think we're the Picasso of designers. While I may not be known on that level (yet), my team and I are visionaries in a way that does not have us picking out multiple paints or floor samples for our clients. I envision it, then I bring it to life. Our design process is a bit unconventional but always memorable through the turnkey delivery. Matched with an infectious savant energy, it is something that cannot be duplicated or imitated.


HD: Describe The Young Companies' design philosophy in three words.

DJY: I'm not sure if I could do that in three words necessarily, but our mantra is, "Be bold, not basic."

Photo Credit: The Young Companies

HD: What has been the biggest lesson you learned since the launch of your design firm?

DJY: For me, the main thing has always been practical communication. There are so many layers to design - from architects, to general contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, employees, and the clients themselves, things can fall apart quickly if you do not have effective communication.

When my team and I went remote, we moved to a more robust project management system. It provided our clients with a real-time, 24-hour communication platform to ensure all lines of communication were effectively met. It has indeed been the foundation of our design-build firm.


HD: What is your favorite part of working in Chicago?

DJY: Chicago is somewhat of a full-circle moment for me as I lived here over a decade ago. It's an approachable city Mecca known worldwide for its beautiful architecture, world-class cuisine and phenomenal art scene. Combine all these things along with the beauty of the Midwest's people, and it makes for a fantastic place to call home as well as creating experiential home designs for many clients throughout the Chicagoland area. It is the foundation and birthplace of many greats; therefore, I am pleased to be based here amongst that inspiring energy.

Photo Credit: The Young Companies

HD: When did you realize you wanted to fully dive into the design industry? How was that?

DJY: My mother was an interior designer and art broker, so I was always around design from a young age. Initially, I studied structural engineering before shifting my studies to architecture. My career led me down many avenues - from being a real estate broker, resulting in a period within the world of marketing and public relations for various celebrities and entertainers. However, the one thing that remained constant was that I owned and designed luxury rental properties where people would ask who my designer was, not knowing it was me. After designing for friends 'just for fun' and getting burned out by the entertainment and public relations firm, I leaped full-time back into the development and design business, which has proven to be a fruitful and highly notable career path.

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