Haute Furniture: Spyros Kizis

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spyros kizis

Known for reinterpreting the way we see space, Greek designer Spyros Kizis created ‘Folding Room’ to suit the needs of city dwellers around the world.

Kizis’ modern aesthetic offers the ability to easily change up a studio apartment into a living room, workspace and bedroom, and all can be folded away if you so choose.


When folded, this design simply looks like a modern entertainment center, leaving your floorspace free and clear for entertaining, exercising and whatever else you may need.

spyros kizis

Kizis tells admirers, “I do not believe in vagaries of design: product design addresses human needs. Once a product bears a design strategy and an aesthetic position, the result may make the world look a bit better.”

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Photos courtesy of spyroskizispd

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