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Designing the Green Home or Office - 09/17/13 – Indiana

"Are you looking to build or remodel your home or office? Have you thought about reducing your carbon footprint by incorporating green design principals into your project? This workshop takes a look at ways, both simple and more complex, to make your project more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Hosted by James Kuester of Kuester Design, this workshop will cover site selection for the green home or office, designing to maximize energy and water efficiencies, materials choices for environmentally sound construction, and construction considerations for the green project. This event is free and open to the public."

Another Rome: Architecture and Urbanism in the Eternal City Between the World Wars with Steve Semes 09/18/13 – California

There are many Romes. This talk will introduce a Rome that is not illustrated in guidebooks and is little known to the English-language audience —the work of architects and urban designers practicing during the 1920s and 30s who sought to continue classical design traditions while adapting the city and its buildings to modern requirements. As the immemorial capital of Empire and Papacy entered the culminating stages of its transformation into a modern metropolis, architects faced the challenges of modernity in different ways. The Rationalist movement sought to recreate the city on a new model based on abstraction and industrial materials. Others, the subject of this talk, made maintaining continuity with the city’s architectural heritage a priority in their work. The rivalry between these two camps, revealing complex relations between politics and design, shaped the Rome we see today. Please register to attend.

Baltimore: A Classical Architectural Heritage Discovered 9/25/13 - 09/29/13 - Maryland

Institute of Classical Architecture & Art hosts a travel program through Baltimore, MD with emphasis on the city's 19th century Georgian architecture. Participating travelers will be visiting, Mount Clare, Homewood, Carroll Mansion, Basilica of the Assumption, Mount Vernon Place, George Peabody Library, Garrett-Jacobs Mansion, Ladew Topiary Gardens and Manor House, Evergreen, Guilford, Home of Mona Hajj, Maryland Club, and other historical sites.

Four nights of accommodations will be made available at the historic Wyndham Baltimore Peabody Court, which is close by Mount Vernon Place. The tour will end Sunday at noon. For inquiries and to reserve, please contact Tom Hayes at Classical Excursions, (413) 243-4155.

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